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Check out more pictures from the book"Caveat Emptor" the real life story of the best American Art Forger


This is were the book was createdCaveat Emptor by Ken Pereneyi

Caveat Emptor

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caveat emptorWhat sets a good forger apart from a world-class one? Surely it's that the best never get caught. The book Caveat Emptor is the astounding tale of a man regarded as the best art forger ever to work in the United States.

A decade ago, the FBI and other investigators were poised to shine light on an operation that would have brought disgrace and humiliation to many individuals and companies in the art work. Some of the nation's best investigators followed a trail of impeccably executed phony paintings through well-regarded art dealers, evaluators and big-name auctioneers, but their investigation came to an abrupt halt. For some reason, the case was closed, and officials made sure no one ever saw their finding. What were they trying to hide? And why?

Now, Ken Perenyi confesses to his actions that led to this massive investigation. Since the statute of limitations on the crimes he committed has run out, and he can tell you without fear of repercussions how he pulled off years of scandalous activity.

If you're like most people, you enjoy glimpsing into the amazingly interesting business of art. But there aren't many stories of the art world worth reading. In fact, this is the best account of art forgery to appear on the market since the stunning bestseller Fake by Clifford Irving in 1969.

Caveat Emptor tells the story of America's only truly successful art forger. While other forgers left behind some evidence of their deeds, Perenyi created no paper trail and no fake provenance, making this one-of-a-kind work the only record of it.

This unique and compelling book is guaranteed to turn major art auctioneers and snooty galleries on their ear. Could they have handled a Perenyi fake? Read this book and learn along with the experts about the greatest art forger in American history

Ken Perenyi was born in Hoboken, New Jersey, and began painting a long time ago.

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